Review: Kreator

“Live Kreation”

Bands are becoming way too keen these days. Once was a time when any live album was easily passed off as utter shit, nowhere near as cool as Live At Leeds. But now that sound quality has improved to the point where some live albums sound better than studio sessions and the performers are actually trying again, we’re all gonna get sucked into these cash-grab “albums.”

A double-disc set that features anything you’d ever want to hear from Kreator’s two-decade stint as thrash metal pioneers, Live Kreation is as hilarious as it is imposing. Singer Mille Petroza’s between-song banter (complete with guttural metal grunts) still hasn’t been perfected since Out Of The Dark…Into The Light and his voice doesn’t have what it used to (who could scream like that year after year anyway), but one must admit that the performances do…tenfold. Virtually flawless, each track draws the listener straight back to 1989 when this form of music was the most extreme thing going. And like the little closet thrasher we are, we suck it up like piggies. Versions of tracks such as “Extreme Aggression,” “Riot Of Violence” and “Awakening Of The Gods” are thunderous epics that really do make you wish you were there again.