Review: King For A Day “Before I Go”

King For A Day
“Before I Go”
(Initial Records)

Emo-core from Detroit.  Fans of Hot Water Music, Get Up Kids, Braid, the Promise Ring, Texas is a Reason, Sunny Day Real Estate, Elliott, Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music and Hall and Oates will find another favorite here.  Driving, hooky and melodic and heartfelt and sincere and heartfelt and melodic and driving and sincerely hooky too!  Actually it’s just okay . . .  No . . .  it’s AMAZING!  This is as good or better or not quite as good as all of those other bands.  Vocalist heavily reminiscent of Dag Nasty’s Peter Cortner.  This distinguishes KFAD (sounds like a good radio station) from all these other bands, except for Dag Nasty when Peter Cortner sang for them.  King for a Day . . .  That sounds deceptively unambitious . . .  Aw fuck it . . .  This is a regular emolition derby!  Long may they reign!