Jungle Rot brings about ‘Doomsday’


This is Jungle Rot from Kenosha, WI.

If any of the pictures included have incorrect members, too f-ing bad because these guys have had 20 different members in the course of their career since 1994.

SOMEONE in this band is hard to work with.

But to be fair, the death metal scene (which, this band may or may not qualify for such label depending on which release you are listening to at the moment) around Kenosha, Wisconsin is hardly one that fosters such overt hostile music aggression.

The city is probably ringing familiar for another musical group, The Kenosha Kickers featuring Gus Polinksi. They had a cameo in the movie “Home Alone (clip included below).

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Gus Polinksi… world famous clarinet player from the Kenosha Kickers

The constant force in Jungle Rot has been vocalist/guitarist Dave Matrise. He has honed his guttural growl into a clearly audible machine of dark lyrical devastation.

Their latest full length currently circulating is the crushing, “Order Shall Prevail” (2015 Victory Records).


That album spawned Jungle Rot’s latest video to infect the world, “Doomsday”. An all-out-assault of motoring riffs and churn your gut vocals.

Jungle Rot bassist James Genenz comments:

“To me, the video is essentially about paranoia. The protagonist is more than likely a paranoid conspiracy theorist, who probably isn’t all that wrong with his theories, but is driven mad because of them. The live shots of us playing under targets are like his delusions, envisioning an attack on a small populace of citizens and we are his weapon. Eventually, he cannot handle the prophetic visions and blinds himself to it.”

‘Paralyzed Prey’ – the second track on the “Order Shall Prevail” album.

Another worthy Jungle Rot track, ‘Ruthless Omnipotence’ from the “Terror Regime” album.

Jungle Rot wouldn’t be where the are today if these guys hadn’t blazed a trail and put Kenosha on the fucking map. Period.