Review: Junction 18

Junction 18
““This Vicious Cycle””
(Fearless Records)

This really pisses me off.  Why do so many new punk bands feel they have to sound exactly like Green Day?  People, Green Day sucks so stop trying to copy them!  Damn, it’s irritating.  Junction 18 has the musicians to play really good punk, but they don’t.  I love punk and I hate these guys.  There is nothing worse then hearing 6 songs in the same key with the same beginnings then to hear the last 5 in a different key with the same beginning.  I have to say, I couldn’t get through the entire album because it was becoming too monotonous.  Junction 18 claims to be pals with New Found Glory, but I can tell you that their affiliation goes no farther than knowing each other.  Here’s what they need to do: Write 11 songs in 11 different keys (I think they are good enough to do it) while using a little originality along the way.  Then, make each song a different tempo (speed) so you can keep people’s interest and you should have a nice album.  So, what have we learned here?  Junction 18 sound just like Green Day, Green Day sucks, and there is enough salvageable talent in the band to change the tide of their demise.  Class over, go away.