Hear Fear Factory single, “Soul Hacker”


This is Fear Factory.

They’ve been around for awhile (they’ve been going since 1989).

A few members left, returned, fought, made-up… who knows at this point… but the newest addition is Tony Campos, who played bass for Static-X and Soulfly. (see video below for his recent live debut.)

They are a unique hybrid of soul-less mechanical technology and driving, precision metal. Fronted by ever-present baratone of Burton C. Bell.

The band has an August 7th release date for their ninth(!) album entitled, “Genexus”.

The word ‘genexus’ is a hybrid of two words: ‘genesis’ and ‘nexus,'” explained Bell. “This word describes the next transition in human evolution as man moves forward to a ‘mechanical’ state of being. Ray Kurzweil predicts that the singularity will occur around 2045. ‘Genexus’ is the term for that next evolutionary process. Where humans are machines, machines are human, and the differences are oblivious to the naked eye.”

A single called, “Soul Hacker” has been disseminated through rebel underground electronic grids and available for download through your cerebral cortex.

Check, “Replica” live… not the best video, but from new bassist Tony Campos’ first live gig with Fear Factory.