Gwar sued over Oderus Urungus ashes


GWAR was awesome.

I mean, look at that guy up there… that is the very definition of awesome.

What wasn’t awesome was his heroin overdose in March of 2014. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

The world lost a supremely creative force.

The world is a less beautiful place without this man. Seriously.
The world is a less beautiful place without this man. Seriously.

It seems GWAR as a unit plans on moving forward, but they will face some legal hurdles.

William Brockie, Dave Brockie’s father and administer of his estate, has made an array of accusations toward GWAR regarding his deceased son.

Artwork, bass guitars, and Dave’s cremated remains(!) are among the items that the father claims the band GWAR has rightfully kept from him.

A $1,000,000 lawsuit has been filed in the state circuit court in Richmond, Virginia for compensatory damages plus punitive damages for alleged breach of contract and unauthorized use of Dave Brockie’s image, as well as the return of Brockie’s cremains.

Eventually, a staff member turned over “a small fraction of his son’s ashes which were delivered in a used plastic bag with Discover credit card logo on it,” the suit says.

Not only did they return his loved one in a plastic bag... they shorted him an eighth.
Not only did they return his loved one in a plastic bag… they shorted him an eighth.

I get that GWAR is property of Slave Pit, Inc… and technically Oderus Urungus is a character within that universe… but it’s the guy’s dad, asking for his son’s stuff. Since Slave Pit hasn’t released an official comment yet, reserve judgement until both sides are heard.

But give the guy’s dad his kids ashes and his gear. He is administer of his estate, so any personal gear should fall into that category.

I was almost a lawyer. I know what I’m talking about.

(Legally speaking I have to admit that lawyer part was a complete lie).

Here is some GWAR music.

I covered a live GWAR show as a writer for a magazine. It scarred changed my life. It was a few years back… ok.. a lot of years back when the Monica Lewinski/Bill Clinton Scandal was still relevant as something to skewer as a statement on a pop culture. But while the band was mid-song, they brought out a comically pregant ‘Monica Lewinski’ (giant fake cartoon puppet like creature), complete with stained dress. An equally ridiuclous ‘Bill Clinton’ lifted up the famous blue dress, exposing a giant vagina, plunged his hand up inside, and pulled out a little baby Bill Clinton, still attached by umbilical cord, with a giant penis… spewing white liquid. GWAR member Slymenstra Hymen would then aim the baby Billy (still attached by umbilical cord) at the kids all jammed up front near the stage.

You think I’m making this shit up?

Pics I took…




Who would want to enter a legal battle with these people?

Although the human ash hording makes a bit more sense now…