Gravity defying new OKGO video


OK Go are an indie rock band known for producing some of the most creative and complex music videos to ever go viral.

Their newest, ‘Upside Down & Inside Out’, does not disappoint and carries on the bands long tradition of blowing people’s minds along to the soundtrack of their happy indie pop rocks.

The band utilizes some anti-gravity to choreograph some crazy visuals that have the appearance of special effects, but are in reality taking advantage of the physics that happen with what is called a “parabolic flight”.

An aircraft can rise and fall in a such a way to cause the cabin of the aircraft to lose gravity for about 65 seconds. Repeating the flight pattern produces cycles of weightlessness for the passengers.


Astronauts use these flights as part of their training regimen to prepare for missions in space.

Indie rock bands use these flights to produce clever videos and an excuse to throw paint on stewardesses.

If you enjoyed that visual treat… here are some other Ok Go videos that should stimulate you likewise.

This is the one that put them on the map… “Here It Goes Again”.

“This Too Shall Pass” takes the Rube Goldberg machine concept to a new level.

And this one is just weird… cup stacking/dog show hybrid video for, “White Knuckles”.

And if you are still with me… and are feeling all science-y from our earlier discussion of parabolic flights… here is that science explained by people far smarter than I…