Glassjaw release first new song in 15 years… ‘Shira’

This is Long Island based post-hardcore band Glassjaw.


They have been on a little hiatus. Like… for 15 years.

The band saw a fair amount of success in the 90’s and early 2000’s as they released a few albums (check out “Worship and Tribute”), played various high profile tours (Warped Tour) and even graced the cover of Modern Fix Magazine back in 2002.


You can check that classic interview with Glassjaw conducted in their tour bus while performing at a CA stop of that years Warped Tour.

In their prime, the band crafted hard to categorize jarring, intense stabs of punkish metal hardcore… defined heavily by the dramatic crooning howls of singer Daryl Palumbo. However the later 2000’s brought years of stops and starts to new recorded material. Palumbo was also focusing on other high profile projects like the club-laced Head Automatica and the quirky jazz jams of Color Film. Some member departures didn’t help and Glassjaw as a band was at points rumored to be disbanded, then not, then releasing material, then not… there were many factors involved.

Which brings us to the near miracle of 2017… a full length album entitled, “Material Control” scheduled for a December 1st release date.

An advance song has been leaked… called, ‘Shira’. It’s a grindy, chunky, melodic number that harkens back to the ‘classic’ Glassjaw sound.

If you were curious as to what Palumbo was doing during the Glassjaw ‘hiatus’, here is “Small Town” from Color Film.

And some sassy shit from Head Automatica called, ‘Please Please Please’.