Ghost Cauldron

Ghost Cauldron

Invent Modest Fires”

Romantically horrific overtones while seductively sweet in sound, Ghost Cauldron invents more than modest fires on this release. The album has guitars (derived from vinyl samples), turntables, emcees, keyboards and the essential talent, which provoked this DJ known as KAOS to compile a musically consistent album. Straight up… this is a neurotic culmination of diverse sounds converging on one goal… the invention of modest fires.

A sense of jazzy eeriness overcomes your body as captured sounds spiral through your ear canals. The LP opens with “fire walk with me”, and on this stroll with fire you’ll get beautiful burns… Then it shifts to a track like “see what I’ve become” and your fire is extinguished by sweet raindrops and passionate verses on the vast complications we face in the midst of this manic existence known as life.

Wait… now you’ve wandered into “midnight vapor”, which emits some succulent gases into the atmosphere with the utilization of violin samples recreated in an elegant format. Then you’re off to augmented hip-hop styles with guests like Anti Pop Consortium and Priest. At this juncture hopefully your mind has calculated the totality of this album’s eclectic approach… an approach that invokes a range of emotions from its listeners.