Review: FYP

““Toys That Kill””
(Recess Records)

FYP sucks. Or so, I thought. I think it’s more of an aquired taste, because past albums just didn’’t do it for me, and it’s a type of punk that usually hits the spot.  I thought NOFX was good up to “Punk in Drublic”, and then it turned to shit afterwords, and FYP seems to fit a similar musical slot. So here I am, with “Toys That Kill”, the *final* release by FYP. FYP, or Five Year Plan, decided to break up after 25 releases, five of which were full lengths, and you should care because? I think you should. One of the best songs on here is “Pappy”, a fast, double bass number whose lyrics include “just because you wear boots don’t make you a cowboy”. Good philosophy.  There seems to be a lot of anger venting about incompetent people having babies, and women fucking over guys. I guess it’s not exactly totally original, but it’s funny and true to heart.   Aww.   “She only comes just to belittle my brain, she comes with her ex-boyfriend who looks more like Mike Ness then me”. That’s from, “Belittle My Brain”.  What does suck is that although there are many tracks, as typical FYP goes, a few are small clips of non music shit like a crank phone call and odd children tapes.  And even the full length songs are pushing two minutes.  For FYP fans, another good reason to buy this aside the fact that’s its their last fucking release is that it comes with a minibook on FYP history. A good read.  I learned more pointless information then is probably good for me.  Like that FYP has gone thru a shitload of band members over the years, and the singer was a good vert/ramp skater. Plenty of little tidbits only useful to a fan, so it’s worth checking out. If you picked up the release before this, an EP called “Come Home Smelly”, this album shares the title  track and a few other songs, just so ya know. Overall, I’d say in comparison, this album reminds me of the music of NOFX, and the attitude and style of The Queers and Screeching Weasel. Totally a kickass CD which has spent many a days in my player. Buy now! Oh yeah, on an afterthought, the name “Toys That Kill” is not only the title of this CD, but the name of Todd (singer) and Sean’s (bassist/singer) new band, so give that fucker a listen also.  I’ll end this review with a final quote from the FYP history book: “Hopelessly addicted to E-Bay, Todd spends his days wasting away before a shimmering computer screen, hoping in vain that someone will make a good bid on his old straight-edge seven inches”.