Review: Frenzal Rhomb

Frenzal Rhomb
““Shut Your Mouth””
(Fat Wreck Chords)

The hearty boys from Australia are back with their second full length on Fat Wreck Chords, “Shut Your Mouth”.    Sixteen tracks throw the listener from the raw pent up energy of the fast tracks to the mellow emotional slow tracks.  If you pop it in your computer you will be presently surprised by the bonus video included.  This band is NOFX’s foreign cousin with their Tongue-in-cheek lyrics and humorous album cover (with the guys jumping out of the window of their latest conquest as her husband comes home).  The opening song is preceded by breaking glass, “Everything’s Fucked” is a precursor of how the whole album comes up and hits you in the head and demands you to listen.  Frenzal Rhomb are truly punk artists if there is such a thing.  With recent health troubles for Jason (singer) behind them, they have recovered to put out a truly great album.