Review: Fragment

““Angels Never Came””
(Pin Drop Records / One Way Home Records)

Buy this EP!  Don’t ask questions, just buy it.  Fragment is a turbulent whirlpool in the waters of existence.  These heavy metal stompers have a sound very comparable to Earth Crisis.  Burning guitars play different, complimenting lines backed by a driving bass and dead on drums (light on the double bass pedal work).  “Angels Never Came” is one of my favorite albums and gets 15 on a rating from 1 to 10.  These guys can play and write tunes just as well as the mainstream big boys.   Hailing themselves from New Hampshire, they bring themselves to your ears on fire.  The best song, “Breakthrough” is a mixture of rich, heavy guitar lines with a great overall structure.  Fragment’s songs move and can excite even the perpetual drooler.  I checked out their website, and it is great except that the address is buried.  Why not just pay a small fee and get your own domain name?  This nuisance is the only downside to the whole setup.  Fully impressed and ready to go convert anyone who has never heard of Fragment, I leave you with this.  Buy this album, even if you have to get someone to buy it for you!