Review: Forever Goldrush

Forever Goldrush
““Halo in My Backpack””
(Cargo Music, Inc.)

How the hell do I describe the music coming out of my speakers right now?  Imagine Crosby Stills Nash & Young having a Baby Band with CCR.  Then imagine the Baby Band is adopted by Jimmy Buffett and grows up listening to George Jones and Stevie Ray Vaughan records, while reading poetry by Robert Frost.  Well, now that I’’ve thoroughly muddied the waters, let me just say that Cargo Music, known primarily for its punk/indie artists, has got a real winner in Forever Goldrush.  These four twenty-somethings hailing from a part of California where the ghosts of the gold rush and the wild frontier never died, have a sound as unique as it is varied.  The melodic twang and melancholy yearnings of singer/acoustic guitarist Damon Wyckoff’’s poetic lyrics capture raw emotion without sounding like a bunch of hokey, folksy hogwash.  In addition to the expected (not to mention exceptional) bass and drums, Forever Goldrush also incorporates 12 string acoustic guitars, a pedal steel, a piano, and a Wurlitzer in several of their songs, making for an unbelievable and unforgettable auditory experience.  As an added bonus – girls LOVE this CD… as if you needed any more convincing.