Hear the world’s first cement record – “Soundtrack for the dead”


This is a 10″ cement LP, it is handcrafted by musician and conceptual artist Scot Jenerik.

It’s called “Soundtrack for the Dead” and can be played on any turntable, with a stiff ‘Play at your own risk’ given to all those who purchase. Taking nearly 20 years to complete from concept to production, only 55 copies of the record exist in the world.


Having a reverse cut, the LP plays from the inside of the disk to the outside. The sounds contained in the locked groove are an ambient/noise piece that was inspired by the character of Eli, the vampire in the Swedish film “Let the Right One In.” But that’s not all, buying one even gets your name on the list of owners which is kept by Jenerik.

Scot Jenerik making music from fire

There is no telling if the record summons any demons each time you play it, other than the kind that are fiending to demolish your record stylus. But since Jenerik is known to perform with instruments made out of fire, we know that his intent is always to embrace the slightly treacherous.

Playing the record is meant to be a “physical interaction rather than a passive consumption.”

Direct your philistine ears right here for a demonstration of the record.

More info on Scot Jenerik can be found on his site here.

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