Review: Fabulous Disaster  

Fabulous Disaster
““Put Out or Get Out””
(Pink and Black Records)

Members of Detroit’s Inside Out, Mudwimmin and proto-riot grrls Frightwig bring you a batch of melodic pop-punk-and-roll tunes somewhere between the Go-Go’s, Joan Jett and Bad Religion.  Says here:  produced by Fat Mike of Fat Wreck Chords and the very famous band NOFX (but not released on his label, mind those of you seeking more FWC material).  Fans of the Donnas and other pop-minded all girl punk bands should enjoy Fabulous Disaster.  We are told here that two of these women (these are not young girls, mind those of you seeking more spank-off material) have spent time in jail.  We aren’’t informed as to why they were in jail. They could have been drunk driving.  They could have taken their shirts off on the bus on a hot day.  They could have spit on a cop.  They could have bounced too many checks.  They could have tore the special do-not-remove tag off of a mattress and set off the FBI contacting electronic device that goes into every single one of those little mattress tags and gotten punished for it like they deserved for doing something so unspeakably stupid.  I don’t know what they did.  It boggles the mind.  Fabulous Disaster seem like they would be fun to get drunk with, but they could get kind of mean . . .  especially if you are a scrawny Pisces . . .  but most of all FD play pop-punk-and-roll for those of you who haven’t been listening and would like to know and actually they sound better than the Donnas to me.