Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo band Philm documentary


This is Dave Lombardo.

He was a co-founding member of Slayer.


Arguably one of the fastest, most brutal metal drummers. Ever.

He is the ‘Godfather of the double bass’.

“…when you hit the bass drum the head is still resonating. When you hit it in the same place right after that you kinda get a ‘slapback’ from the bass drum head hitting the other pedal. You’re not letting them breathe.”

The current state of the metal legend is with his band Philm.

It is not Slayer. It is heavy… sometimes… and has speed to burn… but what should catch the listener off guard are the numerous chances taken in both structures, tempos and song deliveries. While his former unit specialized in blazing velocities and satanic screams… Philm is more of a moody rocker, like a junkie riding their rollercoaster of highs and lows.

The band has two albums under their belt, “Harmonic”, and “Fire From the Evening Sun”.

A short 7 minute documentary has been released by Rick Kosick (of MTV’s Jackass fame) about the recording sessions and environment that created, “Fire From the Evening Sun”.


The album was captured at the House Of Rock studios in Santa Monica CA, the home of the late actress/singer Kathryn Grayson.

Amazingly, Lombardo put down all 12 tracks in one day.

If you’ve ever done any studio time, you would know… that’s just nuts. Especially when you are creating semi-complex, multi-movement metal jams.

A most excellent track of that album…

And if you are a longtime Dave Lombardo fan just catching up with this… here is the documentary about the making of their first album, “Harmonic”.

And a great song of that album…