Review: Eazy E “Eazy Duz It”


Eazy E
“Eazy Duz It”
(Ruthless Records)

Eazy E, hum what do say about this ghetto fool? Let me start off by stating I am not typically enthralled by gansta rap. A track has got to be really hard for me to acknowledge its presence especially when ti gets polluted by redundant lines about guns, girls and crack. But Eazy Duz it is hard enough for me recognized it, in fact this disc is so fucking hard it shits iron nuggets on must thugged out albums popping today. The samples are primo, with flawless producing from Yella and Dre. Each track comes served with Eazy’s timeless lyrically raunchy, rhythmically tight rhymes. Not only is Eazy superb with the words, this cat is funny. He knows how take on trip, he captures hip hop in it’s purest form, story telling. Granted some of his stories are about Sharon and her friend, but wouldn’t we all like to tell stories about our threesome experiences with fine African women with beautiful voluptuous asses. This album has left indelible imprints on many of today’s rappers. One spin of the album and you’ll see where rappers like Kurupt got schooled. This album s more then a classic, it’s benchmark of clever rhymes and old school NWA break beats blended with old flavor dug from depths of the crates.