Review: Superchunk “Crowding Up Your Visual Field” DVD


“Crowding Up Your Visual Field”

Finally something for all the jaded indie rockers from the nineties who now hate all-ages venues because there’s no available booze! “Crowding Up Your Visual Field” is Mac’s tour diary of Superchunk’s fall tour of 2001. Capturing behind the scenes moments and a point of view angle from these indie rock legends is something fans of Superchunk have been waiting to be released for quite some time. Besides the tour documentary, which follows the band through America, Europe and Japan – the DVD also contains twelve music videos, and four bonus videos along with the bands witty banter/commentary. However the jewel of this DVD is the rare footage it contains of the bands’ first ever gig when they were known simply as “Chunk.” For devout fans of Superchunk and supporters of MERGE Records, this DVD is a definite keeper.
I said Chapel Hill beeyatch!