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I’m really beginning to enjoy these DVD video collections. There’s nothing cooler than seeing Refused’s video for ‘New Noise’ on DVD in all it’s glory. The fine folks over at Music Video Distributors and Coldfront Records were cool enough to package that and videos from the likes of AFI, Snapcase, Midtown, Movielife, the Ataris and Pennywise into one cool as fuck video compilation. See an early AFI video for ‘Total Immortal’ back when Davey Havoc still ripped off his moves from the Misfits, Snapcases’s ‘Caboose’ and the Movielife’s hilarious video for ‘Single White Female’. On top of that check out a video by a band called All Systems Go who feature members of the now defunct Canadian rock act the Doughboys, these guys rock fucking hard. Honestly I wish there were more of these video compilations around because this is about the only place you’re going to see these videos. Someone needs to make one of these with like 4 hours of videos from all kinds of bands like Glassjaw, Mad Caddies, Poison the Well and half the Epitaph roster. For now I guess I’ll have to be content with this DVD, which by the way is awesome. Check this out because you won’t find these anywhere else.

James Wright