Review: Duncan Wilder Johnson

Duncan Wilder Johnson
““Heavy Metal Spoken Word””
(Wonderdrug Records)

Spoken word/comedy/poetry that’s a cross between Dennis Leary and a ‘Kids In The Hall’ monologue.  Tales of a metal head with an expressive streak.  Duncan Wilder does not want to be on MTV…he wants to BE MTV (or Satan, same thing).  Recounts of rabid Slayer motivated adventures, clashes with punkers, and attending a live Slayer show and actually meeting…yes…drum roll… Tom Araya.  And one hell of a live review of the show.  A slight rail against Rollins just for the sheer fact the he gets compared to him often and needed to do this as some sort of therapy.  Duncan also shares his insight to dating as a metal head high school student.  There is also a recounting of a “Nose Job” by an over enthusiastic fan that correlates into a lesson about having the guts to go after something.  I promise this will make any metal kid smile often.  Entertaining, artsy, contemporary, and most importantly, original and targeted at a metal kid like me.