Review: Drexel

“The Inevitable is Available”
(Fork In Hand Records)

When I first threw this one in this sick ass hardcore comes on and I just started day dreaming about the title of this album, “The Inevitable is Available”. It’s like everyone in the world has a warrant to kill themselves if they take the words literally. Pretty soon I was locked in my mind thinking of the endless possibilities. Once this epiphany was complete I realized this is a pretty insane group (especially with headphones on).

Certainly, Drexel is familiar with screaming from the gut and playing their instruments hard, fast, and loud, but the most enthralling part of this group is the often out of tune or seemingly out of place guitar sounds that really require you to listen to the whole song to understand their logic and the often off kilter breakdowns that you just don’t expect. I don’t think these guys really think in 1-4-5 (or for the laymen, the punk-box).

It is definitely apparent that Drexel does not want to sound like your average run of the mill punk/hardcore band and fortunately they pull it off with ease. The guitar riffage on track 5 (unfortunately, there are no song titles) boggles my mind no matter how many times I play it back. These guys prove that bands like Sum-41 have a long way to go to be on the cutting edge of indie.