Review: Deviate

““State of Grace””
(Too Damn Hype)

Fans of heavy grindcore will be in hog heaven after listening to “State of Grace”.  The boys from Belgium turn out track after blistering track full of crunching guitars, throaty wails and hellish beats.  Vocalist Danny M. (despite the fact that he occasionally sounds like Chewbacca) manages to capture a great deal of unabashed emotion within each track.  In “Stepped Off” Danny Boy laments about a loved one lost to suicide, while the gripping “Empty World” is dedicated to the memory of his deceased father.  Personally, I always like to see a band distance themselves from the sea of one-dimensionality by tackling a broad range of topics-I mean, anyone can win the swimsuit competition, but how will they fare in the evening gown portion?  While Euro-grindcore may not appeal to all, fans of Backfire and Sick of it All will be stoked on this one.