Review: “Disinformation: The Complete Series”


“Disinformation: The Complete Series”
(The Disinformation Company)

Disinformation (who ripped off the napster logo, or vice versa) was a Sci-Fi/cult news show from the UK. Hard to take it serious when it starts off with some chicks with dicks. But it has its entertaining moments. Cool stuff: Artist Joe Coleman’s intricate dark paintings. A Salvadore Dali Alkeselzter commercial. Paul Laffoley and his futuristic blueprints, a sort of architectural artist. Some insight into industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle. Artist Norbert Kox and his artwork exposing the false aspects of religion. Stupid Cool Stuff: Uncle Goddamn. North Carolina white trash torturing their VERY alcoholic uncle by: spray painting his face silver, lighting him on fire in various ways, making him drink piss beer, wrapping his head in packaging tape, etc. Semi amusing stuff: “outsider” music (did you ever see that King of the Hill where Peggy Hill did “outsider” art. Same thing but musical. Sorta.) The LA Fetish Ball. Stupid stuff: Some chick who thinks she was a CIA sex slave. A segment on modern day Southern California Satanism (but the biscuit head teenage “Satanists” are about as scary as a Wal-mart on Halloween.) Some delusional fat bastard and his Montauk Project time travel/mind control/clone the blood of Christ conspiracy theory. ‘Brother Theodore’. Is some weird old guy who gets to babble in a small segment in each episode. Makes no sense at all. So in the end, if you wade through this, you’ll find something amusing amongst the veil of intended ‘news’.