Review: Dirty

““The Pimp and Da Gangsta””
(Universal Records)

Dirty is the Alabama rap duo comprised of MC’s Big Pimp and Mista G.  By billing themselves as “The Pimp and Da Gangsta,” they are courting unfavorable comparison to another Dirty South duo, OutKast (Big Boi and Dre call themselves the Player and the Poet), that happens to be one of the greatest rap groups of all time.  While not as innovative or barrier-shattering as ATL’s finest, Big Pimp and Mista G are still cold rappers.  Claiming that their countrified, bass-heavy sound is about as funky as “a skunk eating an onion Now-n-Later,” Dirty will keep your head knocking, even if they don’t deal with much beyond traditional fixations with Cadillacs, females, dollars and weed.  That being said, “The Pimp and Da Gangsta” is a refreshing album in that each and every track is of consistent quality.  It’s one of the better hip-hop albums to come along in awhile, so show  the South some love and cop it already.  Yeah heard?