Review: Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanatation

Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanatation
““To Put It Bluntly””
(Triple X Records)

Let’s be honest; Dirty Walt blows, and not just because he’s Fishbone’’s trumpet player.  It is really a struggle to make it all the way through “To Put It Bluntly.”  To be fair, it’s not all bad; the Sanatation’’s funk sound is well-executed, and the album would be worth listening to if it were strictly instrumental.  As it stands, however, Dirty Walt’s lyrics are insulting to your intelligence and just plain bad.  On “Who Do You Believe,” lines like “the president’s always gonna be a punk” are a sorry excuse for political commentary, and on “Understand Me,” Dirty Walt astutely observes that it “more than pussy and dick” to make a relationship work.  Disappointing, but perhaps not surprising from a dude who appears to be stoned out of his mind on the album cover, grabbing a jug of moonshine with one hand and rolling a blunt with the other.  Do yourself a favor and leave this one on the curb next to the other garbage the Columbus Sanatation picks up on their Thursday morning rounds.