Review: Dicky B. Hardy

Dicky B. Hardy
““I Whistle You Dance””
(Taang Records)

A lot of good punk is coming out of Europe these days.  Millencolin, Wizo, and a whole host of others have crossed the Atlantic and found their fair share of popularity here in the land of milk and honey.  Unfortunately, Dicky B. Hardy isn’t, and won’t be, one of those bands.  DBH represents a sort of de-evolution for punk rock.  No melodic harmonies.  No satire of modern life.  No instrumental variety.  No talent.  The jacket liner proudly notes that all songs are the intellectual property of Dicky B. Hardy.  Like anyone would want to take credit for lines like, “Taking acid, taking speed-Burning up on kerosene-That’s what I chose to do-That’s what I am”.  These guys (one of their guitarists is named Igor Stupnik-no joke) have obviously listened to one too many Iggy and the Stooges records, as Dule Teslic (the other guitarist) powers his way through all three chords he knows in a manner that would have made Iggy himself proud.  The production value is also exceedingly weak, as “I Whistle You Dance” sounds like it was recorded on leftover Soviet equipment.  Bottom line, use the CD as a coaster or pizza cutter.