Review: Dexter Freebish

Dexter Freebish
““A Life of Saturdays””
(Capitol Records)

I don’t know how much clout winning ‘Song of the Year’ in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest has with you, but for me, its prestige is enough to force me open my ears to just about anything.  Dexter Freebish’’s pop sensibilities are certainly in check with this cookie-cutter alternative rock bit.  It’s radio-ready tracks like “Leaving Town” of afore mentioned contest, are laced with cheery tempos, energetic bridges and traditional guitar rock and will likely prove dexterous on the pop charts.  Arranging their music along the lines of Del Amitri, Oasis and Third Eye Blind, these golden boys have crafted an album of sterling production.  A bit lyrically trite at times and victim to the token formulaic ballad, “A Life of Saturdays” is note for note what should be expected from such obvious Top 40 aspirations.