Devour the Day hit “The Bottom” with personal video

This is Devour the Day.


Hailing from Memphis, TN, the heart and soul of the band emanates from Joey “Chicago” Walser (bass and backing vocals) and Blake Allison (lead vocals and rhythm guitar). The band is currently filled out by Ronnie Farris (drums) and David Hoffman (lead guitar, backing vocals).

Forming from the ashes of Egypt Central, the two immediately began work on Devour the Day. A hard rock project with nods to contemporary metal (Theory of a Deadman, 3 Doors Down, Hinder, Soil).

Their second album, “S.O.A.R.” came out in April of 2016.


The band recently released a personal video for the track, “The Bottom”. It details much of the origins of both the band, and their personal lives that affected the artists they have become.

Walser comments, “Honesty. Honesty is what ties this video together. It takes you to Memphis, Tennessee to show our personal stories, the real life events we went through and where they actually happened, where we reached our bottom. Look at our country right now. In so many ways, as we face this election, as we deal with racial tension, as we rebuild from catastrophe, aren’t we all, in some way, torn up? Aren’t we all searching for redemption? Isn’t this what makes us all human?”

Another moving track from that same album called, “Lightening In The Sky”