Dan Auerbach is “King of a One Horse Town”

This is The Black Keys.

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The one on the right is Dan Auerbach.

Under the relentless creative pressures that comes with compromising your musical ideas to please that other person… Auerbach has felt the need to break out with a solo album.

“Waiting On A Song” will be released June 2nd, 2017.

It was recorded in Nashville where he makes his home and features co-writing credits with legendary songwriter John Prine, Duane Eddy, Jerry Douglas and Pat McLaughlin.

An advance preview single and video have been released called, ‘King of a One Horse Town’.

The song rolls on a pleasant enough vibe, while hiding the insecurity underneath.

Auerbach gave some insight into the naming of the track: “…the song’s title is meant to describe “anyone who’s scared of the outside world. Anyone who’s afraid to afraid to go beyond their own block for fear of failure.”

He cites drug dealers, drunks and professors as examples.

Let’s add ‘internet magazine publishers’ to that list shall we?

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