Crobot vs The Walking Dead


Pottsville, Pennsylvania (… ‘Pottsville’… heh) rockers Crobot put out a video awhile back for their blistering, “Nowhere to Hide”. Obviously taking some inspiration from a southern zombie show we all know so well, the pairing of greasy dirt rock with the undead tearing through the woods is music video at it’s purest. Show the band… countered by something awesome. Zombies are awesome. Overplayed… but awesome. Check the mayhem:

That song is off their “Something Supernatural” (Wind-Up Records) which is stuffed with big rock jams with a backwoods meth lab aesthetic. Tours with Chevelle, The Sword, Clutch, and Truckfighters should paint an accurate point of reference. Bands like Wolfmother and Queens of the Stone Age also make acceptable press comparisons. In his finer moments, singer Brandon Yeagley can illicit a grunge-era Chris Cornell of Soundgarden running through some kind of desert rock filter.

Crobot are on tour in Europe, because unlike the US, Rock bands still make money on tour in Europe. These guys should tour with Monster Magnet. Their singer doesn’t like to tour the US either. It is a matter of economics and attitudes. Both are better overseas at the moment. But until Crobot comes back to lay some rock upon our lands, here is the opening track off their latest album: