Controller release, ‘Separator’


This is the NYC based outfit Controller.

They play indie rock with flourishes of quirky keyboards that probably shouldn’t be there, but work none-the-less.

It hits with that early 80’s new wave weened on punk and that contemporary sweep of soulful indie pop that Kings of Leon found success with.

These guys are what music veterans would call, ‘upstarts’ as they’ve only been on the scene since May 2012.

The Controller ethic seems pretty DIY and that is always worthy of respect.

For now, a live encounter will most likely occur around the New York area.

The band comments on this track: “‘Separator’ is a very personal song for us. It’s about putting up defenses–simultaneously reaching out for help yet sabotaging your relationships with the people closest to you, who get to see you at your most vulnerable. It’s about acknowledging that something needs to change, but resisting the things that could actually help.”