Review: Zoo Story

Zoo Story
“Come Out and Play”
(3:33 Music Group)

Imagine if you will, Jeff Buckley backed by Led Zeppelin. Sounds pretty good doesn¹t it? Well, Zoo Story sounds almost exactly like that. This exceptional debut is a breath of fresh air for these tired ears. And for me to feel this way about a modern rock band is really saying something. These guys play so well together (granted, i¹m hearing an excellently-produced studio recording) that you would think they grew up together, like the Partridge Family or something. The guitars hum and chime, building into thick clouds of sonic mist. The bass drives so clean and smooth that it seems to melt into the haze and the drums are played with utmost skill; enough for two drummers. Together, these things combine to create a most unexpected sound. Not to say you haven¹t heard this sort of thing before, there just aren¹t a whole lot of bands making music like this right now. Bands like Our Lady Peace or Toad the Wet Sprocket seem like logical points of reference. Respectable and talented bands with the skill to write and play good music. This wonderful record will definitely surprise you. Just remember that this is on the lighter side of the dial.