Review: The Wu-Tang Clan “The W”


The Wu-Tang Clan
“The W”

Why even review this album? After all, if you’ve been listening to the Wu-Tang from the beginning, you probably raced to the store on the day “The W” dropped and formed your own opinion. Anyway, here goes: if you’re expecting a re-up of the masterful first album from ‘93, you’ll be disappointed- save your money and play “Enter the Wu-Tang” a few more times. If you’re ready for some all-new, all-different-type Wu, cop this CD. Although “Gravel Pit” and “Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)” fit in with the hardcore feel of the first album, the RZA’s production on “The W” is exploratory and takes some getting used to. The minimalistic tracks “Conditioner” (ODB and Snoop Dogg) and “Careful (Click, Click)” bear repeated listenings, and other tracks heavy on backing soul and reggae vocals lend “The W” a slower, more mellow atmosphere than is typical of the Wu. On the whole, “The W” is worth your time just for the lyrics – everybody knows that the Shaolin MC’s are some of the nicest in the game – but the beats really make “The W” an experience unto itself.