Review: Whiskey Rebels “Self-Titled”

Whiskey Rebels ST

Whiskey Rebels
(G.M.M Records)

There was a Whiskey Rebellion in 1794, did you know that?  The federal government decided to put a twenty-five percent excise tax on whiskey manufacturers.  Obviously, these manufacturers were pissed and instead of forming a lobby and going on Larry King like any group would today, they got a bunch of guns and decided they would overthrow the government.  Those are the kind of people we have today-people that are willing to do something.

These Whiskey Rebels may be just those individuals.  With a street-punk Oi sound, these lads from Sacramento keep it real like those brave men who fought so hard for our favorite drink many years ago.  Unfortunately, I think they might have been using the same instruments, as well.  Oi has never been a genre that has prided itself in either its cleanliness or its lyrical diversity.

Whiskey Rebels have got their songs about Sacramento (why anyone would actually admit to being from Sacramento, let alone write a song about it is truly beyond me [they actually have one song called “Sacto Pride” and another called “Sacto Unity”.  I couldn’t tell them apart]), about drinking alcohol (67% of the tracks mention some kind of liquor), about the hard knock life (they make Jay-Z look like a saint), and not much else.  With such a limited repertoire, it’s tough to really recommend the Whiskey Rebels, but I can unreservedly recommend Wild Turkey for any festive occasion.