Review: Watch Them Die

Watch Them Die
(Century Media)

This is a death metal band.  I’m getting mighty sick of record labels trying to call their death metal anything and everything but death metal.  I have this promo cd case here and it says Watch Them die are “blurring the lines between bay area thrash, grindcore, crust, punk and metal.”  What a load of shit.  They’re blurring the lines between nothing.

Record label propaganda goons are blurring the lines between a verbose sack of crap and a garrulous barrel of shit.  Just call it death metal.  It has fast guitars, growling and shrieking vocals, and the drumming you’d expect from a DEATH METAL band.  The only thing not fully death metal about them is the tinny production.  This sounds like it was recorded by a deaf mute in a tin zeppelin hangar.

Production aside, Watch Them die have one hell of a combustible debut album on their hands.  It’s sharp, succinct and scintillating.  So if you like death metal, then check it out.