Review: Via

“Deception Pass”
(Woodson Lateral Records)

Just like their cover artwork, Via is artsy.  Indie rock with reverberating darkness is laced throughout thier latest contribution, “Deception Pass”.  This is not a record for, say, a pool party or family gathering. “Deception Pass” would be much more acceptable for, say, sitting in the darkness of your room after a fruitless weekend, or a self-induced depression that you want to make the most of.

Lyrics like “Look at you now, you’re wasting away. You feel like a ghost, you have no weight.”, reinforce bleakness.  Lots of finger-picking, semi-Billy Corgan style lyrics, ocean samples, and bridges of eerie rock riffs abound.  If you’re warming up for a bike ride or marathon, don’t cruise this record.  Check it out on a cloudy day.