Review: Dynamite with a Laserbeam

Various Artists
“Dynamite with a Laserbeam”
(Three One G)

A Queen cover album by some of the craziest and abstract acts out there. Before you pass this up as another tribute,  hold on to your anus for just one second. This is easily the most unique collaboration of covers I’ve ever heard, period. 31G even teases you with the opening song, ‘Under Pressure’, by the Blood Brothers. For about 15 seconds, you think you know where they’re going with it, and then bam. What the fuck happened?

This entire album is crazy, and only for the brave. I won’t even describe the covers, as it will ruin the experience, but if you can handle covers of all the hits and a few of the misses of Queen by the likes of Blood Brothers, Get Hustle, Asterisk, The Oath, Go Go Go Airheart, Upsilon Acruz, Stinking Body, Glass Candy, The Locust, Weasel Walter, The Spacewurm, Fast Forward, The Convocation Of, Tourettes Lautrec, Bastard Noise, Melt Banana, then you my friend, are a music revolutionist.