Review: Unsung Zeros

Unsung Zeros
“Moments From Mourning”
(Eulogy Recordings)

My buddy Jeff Greenfield and I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas yesterday.  We had fun.  We got our pictures taken with Ron Jeremy at the bar at Mandaly Bay.  We also got carded at the dollar blackjack tables at The Sahara.  We’re both over 21, but it was still a little embarrassing, let me tell you.  Listening to the new Unsung Zeros CD was also embarrassing and I’m pretty sure none of these scamps are old enough to belly up at any craps tables anytime soon.  As is often the case with these adolescent punk bands, “Moments From Mourning” contains plenty of veiled illusions to high-school relationships and those issues that seem so important to a seventeen year old.  The vocals, sadly, were clearly sung by a seventh grader in the midst of a hormone injection, so poorly are the notes carried.  Jeff actually almost drove his truck off of Interstate 15 he was laughing so hard at one of the lines from “Turncoat”.  We decided to card “Moments From Mourning” and when it couldn’t produce any ID, we decided it must be underage, so we threw it out the window right around Barstow before it caused any more near-accidents.