Review: Undying


“At History’s End”
(One Day Savior)

With a name like Undying, you know you’re not going to get mellow somber music.  It’s becoming increasingly hard to separate the sheer amount of metal/hardcore bands these days as they’re starting to inbreed.  This CD is hard to differentiate between a bunch of different bands.  At times Undying remind me of a more talented version of the band Kittie; take that however you want to interpret it.  The guitars are competent but can sound very repetitive at times almost as if it was the same riff but slowed down or sped up depending on the song.  The vocals are barked throughout each song to the point where the words are almost indecipherable.  There is obviously a bit of a Slayer/Hatebreed feel to songs like “Teratisms”, the problem being that Undying are very far from the brilliance of either of those acts.  Probably the best effort on this outing is the song “By Turns” with it’s catchy riffage and brutal attack; download it and see if you’re into what they’re doing.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a solid effort with some decent songs but the fact of the matter is that Undying are not memorable enough to compete with the quality of some of the other records being released.