Review: Ulver

“A Quick Fix of Melancholy EP”
(Jester / The End Records)

Sometimes music defies classification and it just merely exists. You don’t really know what the hell to think of it or how to describe it. Ulver’s latest offering is much like that–here I am reviewing the damn thing and finding it impossible to find words to describe what I’m hearing. Imagine gothic mixed with electronic samples, wrapped with opera-like vocals to set off the whole package.

The songs do tend to drag on this release quite a bit and without a whole lot of musical direction. If there was a plan when they recorded this record then I’ve surely missed what they were intending me to get out of it. There are some cool moments in “Doom Sticks” that sound like a scene out of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, which I thought were pretty cool.  The music is done with conviction and the group obviously has a lot of talent but this just definitely wasn’t my cup of tea.