Review: Trivium

“Ember To Inferno”
(Life Force)

Metal name, metal music.  Ripping metal music.  This is one of those bands that’s just fucking good and defines the genre they represent.  That’s good and bad.  Good, cause if you like your metal, pummeling, super fast, lots of double bass, shredding guitars… the whole serious metal machine, all that shits here.  And done well.  But the bad comes from the fact that this is yet another, extremely talented metal band.  There are a lot of those.

Trivium does up the ante by injecting some smoother melodies in there to offset the primary pummel. And while these movements do break up the attack, they are a bit weak and sound a bit contrived at times when compared to the momentum their louder stuff achieves.  Thankfully, the other 85% of this just crushes.  Varied vocal barks (think somewhere in a realm of a pissed off Phil Anselmo) help add some dynamic to these otherwise typically harsh metal vocals.

This is a metal band for the metal fan.  Nothing more (although they could be), but certainly nothing less.