Review: TransAm


80’s 80’s 80’s!  This CD was perfect to listen to while I was waiting for name to be called for jury duty.  Never got called and sat there all day having this CD full my thoughts and memories about that much maligned and somehow cherished decade. This CD is a handful of remixes of a few tracks from TransAm’s new record.  You get the “Bombs and More” remix of Cold War by Tortoise’s John Herndon, A Grape Dope in this case, and it doesn’t disappoint with a nice stuttered break that goes round and round a bouncy bassline that will pull you and keep you listening. The vocals are nicely treated and slightly of the singing robot variety which all works jus too well.  Other highlights are Prefuse 73’s instrumental mix of  “Different Kind of Love” which is full of crunch and little telephone like sounds providing clever accents that make the all the other parts just come together.

My personal favorite though is Jonathan K’s remix of “Cold war” called the “War is Stupid Mix”. It revolves around a nice analog synth stab and tasty percussion programming all creating a groovy sinister feel that will keep you, and everyone else on the dance floor, dancing by themselves. You also get a “Different Kind of Love” remix from Dan the Automator and a remix of “Infinite Wavelength” by Dabrye. Both are excellent and make for a very well rounded remix EP. Chances are if you like TransAm you’ll want to check this out.