Review: Tourniquet

“Where Moth and Rust Destroy”
(Metal Blade)

The vocals are definitely going to be of a love them or hate them variety and I for one, compelled towards an obsessive enjoyment of the bizarre, of under dogs, of the “otherly” talented, love them.  Tourniquet quietly lurch forth from the endless wave of metal sludge constantly released upon an overly metal saturated public with a distinctive flavor that recalls a time when metal bands were more prone to experimentation and not fearing to sound different from the bulk of their clone like peers.  Indeed, Tourniquet take me back to the days when metal was actually exciting and vital and not a rote, by numbers exercise.  The band, I reckon, isn’t even trying to stand out from their contemporaries, they simply are.

Each song has a couple biblical passages before the lyrics and that immediately chills me since I’m not a big fan of biblical bullshit, but if I find myself enjoying the occasionally Satan motivated band then why not the occasionally God motivated band?  It’s one imaginary concept vs. another imaginary concept and they’re essentially the same side of the coin anyway in my book.  If Christian metal bands scare you, then stay away from this.  You won’t like it.  If God-fearing types don’t bother you, then I whole-heartedly recommend Tourniquet to you.