Review: The Velvet Teen

The Velvet Teen
“Out of the Fierce Parade”
(Slowdance Records)

I like to hear bands that don’t sound like their target demographic are kids 12 to 17 years old, a mature sound is in short supply these days.  They sound a little like Radiohead, or Coldplay on some of the mellow songs, and have a more original sound on the songs that are more upbeat.  “Out of the fierce parade” is a very easy album to get into,  the emotion seems sincere, and the music has it’s own personality.  For those of you out there that can relate, this CD is a perfect one to throw on right before you hit the sheets.  If your out raising hell, and picking fights, doing burnouts in your killer hot rod, this wouldn’t be the CD you’d want to throw in. On the otherside, if your in need of some tunes to chill out to, I would highly reccomend The Velvet Teen, they’ll sooth your little weary bones, and mush you’re brain into slowly stirring goo.