Review: The Survivors

The Survivors
“Death Cures Addiction”
(Hell Bent Records)

Am I the only one that watches CBS’ “Survivor”?  Other than “Buffy”, it’s the only show I try to never miss.  Anyone remember that girl Amber from the Australian series?  She’s my dream girl.  I’ve got a picture of her on my computer desktop even.  And while I didn’t like The Survivors’ seven song EP “Death Cures Addiction” as much as I like Amber, I still thought it was pretty cool.  The Survivors sound like Kill Your Idols and a few other East Coast hardcore bands that I won’t bother to name because you probably know them better than I do.  Rather than the standard, snotty gutter-punk lamentations, The Survivors have a clean, crisp, up-tempo sound that hits harder than Lawrence Taylor on speed.  Of course, The Survivors are straight-edgers, which means they wouldn’t approve of LT (or anyone else) being hopped up on goofballs.  While most bands with two singers are R&B groups and generally induce prolonged bouts of nausea, The Survivors do an admirable job of not sounding anything at all like KiCi & JoJo (or whatever the hell their names are).  This one is good.