Review: The Starting Line

The Starting Line
“The Make Yourself At Home EP”

It seems as though everywhere you turn there seems to be another band writing heart on sleeve ballads about girls or “the one that got away”. Take a look at what bands are big right now and you’ll see what I mean; Brand New, New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional and Saves the Day. The Starting Line’s new EP can be safely added to that list, the problem being the bastards wrote some good songs.

“Best Of Me” will remind you of the first time you fell in love, while “Playing Favorites” will only make you yearn for that long distance relationship that just never panned out. Now before you jump down my throat about being a whiny sap, I’m just as sick of the whole heart-on-the-sleeve trend as you are, but the fact still remains that the Starting Line wrote some great songs.

Forget all the bullshit about trends and check this amazing EP out if you’re looking for some good songs.  When all is said and done, isn’t that what really matters?