Review: The Sound of Urchin

The Sound of Urchin
““You Are The Best””

This band is so much fun!  The Sound of Urchin is in the same class as Ween, The Aquabats, Tenacious D, and Beck (which makes them fucking kick ass!).  Most of the lyrics are off the wall and no song sounds the same.  The musical diversity is damn near incredible.  If you need more explanation just look at the cover displayed to the left of these words, that is how this disk sounds.  Damn, these guys are good at their instruments too.  I really like bands where the lead singer is also the drummer.  It would be interesting to hear The Sound of Urchin live because I bet they improvise on stage.  I would gamble to say you could see these guys five times in a row and never hear a song played the same way.  “You are the Best” is straight up Zany.  If Zaniness intrigues you do yourself a favor and go buy this disc.