Review: The Sheila Divine Secret Society

The Sheila Divine Secret Society

I’m on the fence. On one side is a nice backyard with a swing set, pool, clubhouse and cool indie rockers drinking imported beer and listening to The Shelia Divine Secret Society’s “back to the cradle.” On the other side is Bon Jovi really rocking “Living on a Prayer.” I know all the words to “Living on a Prayer,” but that doesn’t mean I like Jon Bon. The Sheila Divine Secret Society sounds a little to much like Jon Bon for me to really dive in and say “This is great.” The actual melodies, bass lines and drum beats are solid and driving, but the vocals just kick the hair band alarm in my ears.

The first two tracks (“the swan” and “we all have problems”) are straight from Jon Bon’s early days. The society could open for Jon Bon and the fans would eat it up. I think they are heading toward the wrong market. Screw the Bostonians and indie kids, hit the heart strings of the Jon Bon fans. He is still rocking stadiums to sold out crowds. But if the society is about the music and not the money, maybe a new singer would help them grow into the band their music wants them to be.