Review: The Red Channels

The Red Channels
(Silver Girl Records)

Don’t let this one fool you, after listening to this album for the past few weeks all I want to do is go jump off a building because I’m so fucking dejected.  Eliana Azari’s lyrics are so haunting and delivered in a very hard to swallow monotone chant.  In this case, the thought of my bones crushing on hard pavement is less painful then facing the music.  This album puts my brain under some sort of weird spell and honestly, I just want it to stop.

Then there are the instruments and samples with their shimmering melodies that calm and sooth the pain of the monotone lyrics to the point of acceptance.  I wish there were no vocals!  It sort of reminds me of Blonde Redhead’s singer with the musical stylings of a multi-talented 4-tracker such as John Vanderslice or Grandaddy.  It would be very hard to say I like this album because it’s so good, but so bad.