Review: The Frames

The Frames
““For the Birds””
(Plateau Records)

It’s funny for me to think that in 1992 when the frames put out their first album I was in sixth grade at Kimberly Elementary School in Redlands, California.  I was listening to Bobby Brown, Lyle Lovett and Phil Collins.  In short I was a immature pansy assed kid of middle America living the dream.  In retrospect judging by this spectacular release I would have dug The Frame even in my youth.  Without a care in the world except my bike and the plethora of friends I had.  Now as a 22 year old man my appreciation for this band is strong.  Dublin is the place of refuge for this group, but their thought and feeling run deep in my hollow existence.  When it comes to music you can’t get my more genuine or beautiful than this record.  The Frames are an experience the most doubtful of listeners will enjoy.  For life and living, buy this record.